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Vario is a hub of freelance legal professionals available to undertake a wide variety of assignments from fixed-term projects to maternity cover. We offer high quality, flexible lawyers to address the resource, cost and skills issues which often affect busy in-house teams. Lawyers from NQ to partner-level are available, providing in-house counsel with resource when they need it, but no overheads when they don’t.

While there are other providers of flexible resource, Vario is different because of the focus it places on personal attributes and behaviours as well as technical skills. This, combined with our approach to obtaining a thorough understanding of the client’s need, means we only need to put one Vario forward to each client for consideration.

No long days of interviews. No mismatches. Just the right support at the right time.

Visit the Vario website to learn more and meet some of our freelance lawyers, including:

  • an entrepreneur who also runs a lifestyle business
  • a lawyer living in Italy, but working in the UK
  • a senior lawyer enjoying work in very different industries
  • someone raising a family without compromising on the quality of their legal work
  • a lawyer using the flexibility of freelance law to diversify their talents

If you are interested in joining Vario or working with us as a client, please get in touch on +44 (0)121 629 1768.


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