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Have you always got more on your to-do list but with less time to get it done?

Do you ever have enough breathing space to focus on the big stuff?

Does it take too long just to get basic things done?

SmartDelivery is the answer to your more with less challenge.

It’s the clever combination of people, process and technology that delivers for you, faster, better and cheaper.

And it’s the mindset we bring to solving your biggest problems, reimagining the notion of what a lawyer can be.

People and Technology

When you get the right people with the best technology around the table, you know good things are going to happen. Get the thinking right and you’re unstoppable. We’ve revolutionised our business to help our clients revolutionise theirs.

It all started with the basics.

We took our processes and made them ruthlessly efficient and consistent. We tailored them round our clients’ needs and added some brilliant technology to make it all work anywhere they need it.

Then it was all about the people. We gave our clients seamless access to the right people at the right cost (including some clever thinking around flexible resourcing) just when they need them. We wanted to be the best law firm for project management, so we invested our brightest minds in the right training and best tools.

But it’s the bespoke technology that really sets us apart. All the automation, analysis and data tools you need to save time, money and energy. We invent and reinvent systems. And carefully craft the tools that help your business get ahead.

Combine that tech with some of the most imaginative and commercially-seasoned lawyers in the business and you have the perfect platform for big ideas and outstanding outcomes. Leaving you the breathing space to concentrate on the really big challenges in your business.

This is SmartDelivery.


Data. Delivered

Our aim is always to make things faster and better. Developing the technology to automate the day-to-day is just step one. Step two is using it to uncover a wealth of insights into how you can tackle your biggest commercial challenges.

For example, how can you measure your time to contract? How do you know how much risk you’re carrying in your contracts? How can you avoid the constant distraction from disputesup and down your supply chain?

Our automation tech and analytics tools get you the answers you need. We break contracts down to their basic building blocks, and analyse them as risks, not just words. Then we provide you with the tools to balance those risks now, and for the future. Quickly, cost-effectively and perfectly, every time.

And if your business runs into a problem, we don’t just fix it for you once, we constantly ask “why did that happen?” So that you avoid it next time. Trace the cause and put it right.

Job done with SmartDelivery.
Now, let’s get on with the big stuff.


Actually Intelligent

Our experts are cutting through the noise and are building systems that work. It’s not magic fairy dust. It’s about using process and reasoning rules engines to automate the routine with astonishing savings in time, cost and efficiency.

And our data tools give us the power to mine, extract and present meaningful insights from overwhelming levels of data which is otherwise locked away in seemingly endless pages of clauses.

Then there’s predictive data analytics. This can identify patterns in previous matters to map likely outcomes in future ones.

All these SmartDelivery technologies can make an incredible difference to your business, today.

The question is – what’s stopping you?


Scaling Up

Our advanced SmartDelivery technologies manage scale effortlessly.

UK banks have needed to ring-fence parts of their business. This involves reviewing thousands and thousands of documents. Can they transfer the customer? Are there disclosure concerns? Are there data issues?

SmartDelivery allows us to check each document in seconds, providing certainty for the bank – fast.

Of course, though speed is important, it’s only half the equation. SmartDelivery is also about ensuring that, no matter the volume or the pace involved, each piece of work is carried out to the highest standards.

When an investment fund was buying a multinational portfolio of loans, they had to identify key information from nearly a thousand loans. The loans needed to be reviewed by lawyers from firms around the world.

We built software to standardise the reviews, the responses and the documents, allowing lawyers to take a firm position on each loan quickly, rather than sitting on the fence and wasting valuable time. It got the deal done.

The output for the client? A database of all key information and legal review, available in real time, anywhere in the world.

High speed and high quality used to be mutually exclusive. Using SmartDelivery, we can deliver the best of both.


Our Approach

Smart Delivery Infographic

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