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The hype around the effective application of Artificial Intelligence in law has become deafening, yet few genuine applications have emerged from a pool of snake oil.

In response to this Pinsent Masons has developed its own team of computer scientists and legal engineers who put artificial intelligence into practical context for our lawyers and clients.

Through our own proprietary technology Pinsent Masons is now able to:

  • Embed a more consistent approach to the project management of matters, creating more certainty of process and outcome for our clients
  • Provide greater transparency on the status of matters, in order that clients can monitor progress in real time
  • Run matters swiftly and more efficiently by presenting lawyers involved in projects with relevant legal knowledge and procedural prompts at the appropriate junctures in a project – meaning less potential for lost time.

‘AI’ is a catch all term, covering a range of underlying technologies in the sphere of cognitive computing, including robotics, machine learning and expert systems. Our technology sits in the latter category and differs from ‘off the shelf’ products by seamlessly interweaving the institutional legal knowhow upon which our firm’s reputation for excellence is based.

Further, our system acknowledges that the successful completion of a legal matter is rarely a straight-line process from A-Z. The system will ‘flex’ to accommodate the numerous avenues down which a matter might progress.

To date this technology has been deployed in over 7,000 matters including:

  • property acquisitions, leases, licences and disposals;
  • dispute resolution processes;
  • contract risk review frameworks;
  • complex due diligence and contract review;
  • significant corporate transactions.

To find out how we can use artificial intelligence to drive greater certainty and efficiency into your matters, please contact us.


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