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Press: In the world of law, AI is creating jobs, not threatening them

Pinsent Masons has a team of data scientists using AI to help both lawyers and clients

21 Feb 2019


Blog: Profession in peril? My review of ‘The Future of the Professions’

My father, a retired priest, listens in wonder when my medical student son tells him about the latest research he’s seeing – and wonders what his own father, a surgeon who died before I was born, would have made of it all. The pace of change is astonishing, even with an underlying subject that hasn’t

18 Mar 2016


Blog: Thinking different: how diversity is fundamental to the pursuit of innovation

The success of Apple must in part be credited to its mantra that ‘inclusion inspires innovation’. In other words, different perspectives lead to more creative outcomes. At a time when law firms are striving for greater innovation and a fresh take on the delivery of legal services, the business case for greater inclusion has never

09 Mar 2016


Blog: Partnership works – but not as we know it

The question of whether or not partnership is a sustainable model has existed for almost as long as partnership itself. However, the growth of technology and its ability to super-charge change has given the debate renewed vigour. With artificial intelligence and machine learning already becoming a reality, and a wave of innovation passing through the

09 Mar 2016


Blog: Algorithms and legal rock, paper and scissors

We know that experts are wise.  And the concept of the wisdom of crowds can be traced back at least to Charles Darwin’s cousin’s musings about guessing the weight of oxen over a hundred years ago. But can algorithms be wise?  And which is better?  A human, an expert or a crowd?  Who wins in

09 Mar 2016


Press: Pinsent Masons named most innovative law firm in Europe by the FT

International law firm Pinsent Masons has swept the board at the FT Innovative Lawyer Awards Europe, being named the most innovative law firm of 2015.

02 Oct 2015


Blog: Why the BBC was wrong about AI and lawyers – and driving instructors

Have you had a play with the BBC’s ‘Will a robot take your job?’ app? It’s part of a series they ran last week on intelligent machines.  The app allows you to input your job, and it will then tell you what the chances are that your job will be carried out in the future by

24 Sep 2015


Press: Pinsent Masons rolls out revamped bonus scheme

International law firm Pinsent Masons is piloting a re-vamped bonus scheme designed to encourage greater innovation and client engagement among its lawyers.

23 Sep 2015


Blog: Time to get on board the data bus

The Death Star. That’s what former pro David Millar calls Team Sky’s giant, black team bus.  There have been team buses on the Tour for years, but when Sky’s arrived, it was bigger, blacker and probably better. It’s all part of the improved platform Sky have brought to the Tour de France.  The third P

24 Jul 2015


Press: E.ON UK and Pinsent Masons triumph at Legal Innovation Awards

E.ON UK, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, and international law firm Pinsent Masons have won the keynote ‘Future of Legal Services Innovation’ award at the inaugural Legal Innovation awards.

29 May 2015


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