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Our client was looking for a way to optimise legal spend. They know the difference between the truly value-adding legal insight and the work that just needs to get done. So do we.

We agreed a long-term, sole supply relationship with the client – instead of 100 firms, the client only needed one. We could both invest, in the knowledge that we were committed to the long term.

We split the workload between the business-critical, strategic work and the operational work that implemented that strategy.

We killed the billable hour for the everyday work, instead charging for every matter we complete, giving full certainty and control over spend. The client knows how much any given matter will cost before
they instruct us, and they know they can trust us to do great work for them on every matter, big or small.

How does this work?

We built technology from scratch, including a bespoke case opening system that gives our people all the information they need in order to complete the work, without time-consuming back-and-forth. Imagine that – total transparency of how much work is in the pipeline, who’s handling it and whether it’s
on track.

Over the thousands of matters we have worked on, we have built up a huge knowledge base, helping us identify and automate common tasks.

Not only does this make the hourless model possible, it also allows us to assess business performance and drive continuous improvement. We meet with the client regularly to monitor the account and share the insights we’ve gleaned from the data we collect.

Killing the billable hour has proved more successful than any of us expected. The client has saved even more money than initially projected, and the quality of outcome has improved. It’s letting them shift their focus: from the everyday work that really needs to get done, to the valueadding work they really want to do.

That’s what SmartDelivery means.

It seems this is catching on. The same hourless model is being applied across a wide range of transactions and disputes.

It is reimagining the lawyer and adviser relationship.

Our constant investment in developing innovative ways of working and the technologies to support them is paying off for any client with a desire  to change the model for the better, for good.


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