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Every day we strive to understand our clients’ objectives and develop solutions which innovate and impress. Here you’ll find a selection of case studies illustrating how our creative approach has helped secure better outcomes.

Freeing up our client to focus on strategy

Our contentious lawyers have developed a technology-driven solution for resolving mass commercial claims made against a significant client. Our approach has allowed the in house team at our client to focus on work which truly adds value to the business without being distracted by voluminous litigation.

Building Smarter Cities

Working in partnership with one of the UK’s most forward-thinking local authorities, we have helped broker arrangements with private sector partners from the UK and China to develop one of the UK’s first truly smart cities.

Re-imagining deal delivery in the financial services sector

Working with a major financial institution, we found a new way to deliver strategically targeted due diligence in a £15bn deal.

We developed a solution which incorporated elements of automation and disaggregation into the process, speeding up the process and tailoring it to the risk appetite of the client.

Killing the billable hour

We have pioneered a new way of working which fundamentally moves legal services away from an uncertain ‘pay by the hour’ model.

Our proposal was based not around hourly rates but simply the ‘number of matters’. This gives our client the required level of certainty over its legal spend for BAU work for a number of years.

Driving continuous improvement to reduce legal spend

We have worked with one of the world’s largest B2C businesses to pioneer a new way of managing large-scale employment disputes, harnessing big data to identify and address trends before they even become legal issues.

Using big data in big litigation

Our intellectual property won a landmark, first-in-type litigation which required it to use innovative techniques to demonstrate consumer confusion.

In what is believed to be a first in a case of this kind, our team presented evidence to the Courts based on Google Analytics data and other online metrics – demonstrating how customer behaviours were being affected by unclear online advertising.

Breaking new ground in a game-changing technology dispute

In 2014 we advised the Secretary of State for the Home Department on a successful application to the High Court to set aside a £200m+ arbitration award made by an international arbitral tribunal in August 2014.

The case broke new ground and was one of the most high-profile and politically charged in the UK for some time.

Delivering critical infrastructure despite shifting sands

Building strategically crucial infrastructure against a dynamic financial and political environment has been one of the greatest challenges of the post-financial crisis era. We have helped our clients respond through creative solutions and best-in-class project management.

De-risking tax litigation

We developed a novel and groudbreaking model to bring a collective action against HMRC in a way that limited the financial exposure to the downside risk of litigation.


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